The K2 series makes rhythmic articulation in diffuse acoustic simple. The stroke is very direct and focused, yet the sound has warmth and substance. Therefore, the timpanist must exhibit good control, at least when using natural heads. This series is explicitly also recommended for plastic heads.


item 2021 / K2- blue


K2 blue

Ø: 32-34 mm
weight: 24-28
description: hard

price: 179,00 €

item 2022 / K2- orange-red


K2 orange-red

Ø: 35-37 mm
weight: 28-32 g
description: medium-hard

price: 189,00€

item 2023 / K2- red-brown


K2 red-brown

Ø: 45-47 mm
weight: 30-35 g
description: medium-soft

price: 199,00€

item 2024 / K2- dark-brown


K2 dark-brown

Ø: 50-53 mm
weight: 36-40 g
description: soft

price: 209,00€