´Redline´- Series

This series is the result of the desire to achieve the full round, dark tone especially favoured by German orchestras. This tone harmonises brilliantly with the well-known 'German' brass sound and makes Bruckner and Strauss always sound so wonderfully rich. Even the loudest fortissimo passages will not sound sharp and glaring. The core of these timpani sticks consists of material wound in layers (sandwich construction).

item 2010 / red-blue


redline red-blue

Ø: 30-33 mm
weight: 24-28 g
Beschreibung: hard

price: 169,00€

item 2011 / red


redline red

Ø: 34-36 mm
weight: 25-29 g
description: medium-hard

price: 169,00 €

item 2012 / red-violet


redline red-violet

Ø: 39-42 mm
weight: 28-33 g
description: medium-hard/ heavy

price: 179,00 €

item 2013 / red-green


redline red-green

Ø: 43-46 mm
weight: 28-35 g
description: medium-soft

price: 179,00 €

item 2014 / red-yellow


redline red-yellow

Ø: 47-50 mm
weight: 34-38g
description:  soft

price: 189,00 €

item 2015 / dark-red


redline dark-red

Ø: 52-54 mm
weight: 40-46g
description: soft/ heavy

price: 199,00 €