Service for timpanisticks

Coverings and more

Even the best made stick will, one day, require new felt. It is most effective to renew the Felt whilst the stick still sounds good, before it becomes a major problem and to protect the under layers. When more layers have to be renewed it is not only more expensive, but it will also change the sound to a greater extent, this is usually not desired and also changes the attack of the stick

We will replace the felt exactly as to your wishes, this can also be undertaken at short notice and from othermakes of stick

  With all the different methods to cover a stick it is possible to achieve the desired sound and attack. A stick for rolls or example is covered differently to a stick that is used for rhythmically complicated passages.

The piece of Felt is generally seperated into two equally thick halves. The sticks can either be covered in the outer, harder side or with the inner softer side.

The harder covering sounds on the whole is more percussive, and has more attack. For solo passages we tend to recommend the softer felt.

Maybe you’ve got some sticks where the head to heavy or uneven is? When the stick is OK then it might be worth changing the head. The same applies when the stick is too short. The following are always possible:

  • Changing or improving the head
  • Changing the stick
  • Enlarging the stick by up to 3cm
  • Changing to a double headed stick