by Mathias Dressler

A fantastic touch and control over the sound are the ingredients for a good stick.

It gives you the optimal connection between performer and instrument.

During my job as timpanist (for the Berlin Symphony Orchestra and the Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra) I have accumulated much useful experience to bring to the job of creating a stick system. Several of my models have been constructed together with other colleagues, and a special thank you to Stephan Cürlis, Tom Greenleaves and Professor Oswald Vogler who have been especially helpful.

Experience as a performer and craftsmanship are vital for the making of a good stick. Whether for a new stick or a repair of an old favourite all our sticks are worked on by hand. This enables us to work to your wishes and to fulfil all your special requirements.

I would like to take this opportunity to guarantee to all my clients that all my timpani sticks are hand made by me.
To my many satisfied customers and colleagues I would like to say a big thank you.

Jens-Peter Kappert